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Friday, November 29, 2013

Custom Items

Memory Wire Bracelet - Brown Chunky Chips
Custom Items

Bracelet - Mellifiori Chips

I like to work with these chips they are great for individuals who like a little chaos.  These chips are not uniformed or shaped in a particular way so there is no real pattern to the beads.

Earrings & Bracelet Combo - Purple Flowers
Here is a nice gift set I did for a friend.  She wanted a Christmas gift for her daughter.  She told me "She loves purple". So I put on my creativity hat and this was the result.  I really liked them. My friend did too she was thinking of keeping them for herself.  

Memory Wire Bracelet - Crackeling Sea Green
Memory Wire Bracelet - "Red Smoke"

Earrings - Obsidian & Swarovski Rondelles

Memory Wire Bracelet - Black & Clear