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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pendant/Key Chain - Glass Cabochons

These Cabochons are highly versatile, and are outstanding for use as pendants or key chains. (I put mine on a key ring and it looks great.) The pendant plate  in the photos below is a silver-plated frame and the digital photo used is printed on a heavy paper stock.

Cabochons are defined as "a gem or bead cut in convex form and highly polished but not faceted." These glass cabochons are great for magnifying the photograph and making the image "pop," even from a distance. For custom cabochons, I can use a high-resolution photograph, cropping in so that the subject matter is centered and accentuated for the best results, and any picture will do. This is a great gift idea, especially for new parents wanting to send out pictures of their newborn, guest gifts for weddings, or even promotional gifts for businesses wanting to get their name out in the market. This also means that you aren't limited to the products offered at your local bead store or online. If you have the picture, I can make the "cab!"

For custom cab orders you can place your order by clicking Custom Cab.  You can contact me by email info@quiltypleasuresplus.com for any questions concerning custom orders & for any orders over 50 there iswill be a discount pricing available.

It's that simple.  Choose your photo, click on the link to order, then email the photo & your done.

Glass Cab/Custom
Heart in the Sand

No Longer Available

I used this cab for a necklace that I made called "I Love the Beach". See above. 

"Love is in the Air"

I was inspired by my Love pendant & made this unique necklace. 
I have mixed a lot of different beads together to create this necklace. 

Glitter in Black

I created this cab by using fingernail polish.  I had read about the technique and wanted to try it out.  It looks like a galaxy with millions of stars to me.  


Yellow Gerbera

I took a great photo of this beautiful flower and put it on a black background to make the yellow really "pop". 

This is another example of what you could do as a custom cab.  If you have a photo that you love of a flower, rainbow, or your happy place, you could have that memory encased in a glass cab & keep forever.

Black Hole
There are many more cabochons available at Quilty Pleasures Plus Etsy Shop