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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ear Threads


I have been obsessed with ear threads from the moment I saw them. I absolutely fell in love. They are a different look and can be worn on any occasion. I wear mine to work all the time. I use only Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver ear threads. These can be made with 4mm. 6mm, or combination of both size bicone crystals in any color you choose. I have also made them with a crystal drop added. They are a very versatile accessory and can easily make the transition from day to night and have a nice sparkle to them especially with AB finished crystals. They work for many occasions.

These can be custom made with any color crystal you would like. Just email me the color and which style you prefer. (info@quiltypleasuresplus.com & order#) Also, crystal drops can be added but may not be available in all colors.

Please note that shipping times may vary on custom orders. Usually they can be made and shipped within 2 days however in the instance of not having the correct supplies for the order it may take up to a week to acquire the beads which will delay the shipping time.

Etsy Link - Custom

Rose Ear Threads

This pair is made with Rose crystals in both 6mm & 8mm. 

Etsy Link - Rose

Comet Ear Threads

This pair is made with Comet crystals in 6mm.

Etsy Link - Comet

Peridot Ear Threads

This pair is made with Peridot crystals in 6mm. This is my favorite crystal for the green colors. 

Fire Opal Ear Threads

This pair is made with Fire Opal crystals in both 4mm & 6mm.   This crystal is very unique, it has a bleeding quality to it.  It goes from Yellow to orange to red.

Aquamarine Drop Ear Threads

This pair is made with Aquamarine crystals in both 4mm & 6mm and I added a drop for a different look.

Black Diamond Ear Threads

This pair is made with Black Diamond crystals in 6mm.   These crystals look like a grey steel color.

Amethyst Ear Threads

This pair is made with Amethyst crystals in 8mm AB & 6mm