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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Freebie - The Monsters Within by Corvus Winchester

The Monsters Within will be free from December 25th & 26th according to the author.  This is a short story at around 166 pages.  Grab your copy today.

The Monsters Within by Corvus Winchester

The Holloway family recently moved from their Los Angeles home to a decaying Victorian mansion. As they begin to settle into the strange manor, their beliefs become challenged by unearthly events. Strange whispers echo throughout the house. Unseen forces hold them in place and decrepit hands reach for them from the dark corners of the chilling house. As the Holloway family is haunted by the dark inhabitants that reside in the estate, they begin to discover the house has a mysterious connection to their past. A dark secret that lurks just beneath the surface. A secret that may uncover the mysterious history of the nightmare they are now residents of.

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