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Friday, December 13, 2013

Book Review: Alexandra's Legacy by N.J. Walters

Alexandra's Legacy (Legacey #1)
by N.J. Walters
Kindle edition, 272 pages
Published: October 13, 2009
Source: Ebook - Own

Goodreads |  Amazon

The truth will set her free or get her killed.

Alexandra Riley's day starts out like any other in her normal, predictable world. Then a tall, dark stranger bursts into her father's garage and shatters the illusion. In one shocking moment, she discovers why she's been feeling hot, restless she's the half-breed daughter of a legendary werewolf and is a much-sought-after prize.

Joshua Striker, enforcer in charge of protecting the alphas of the Wolf Creek pack, has come to take Alex home. Nothing more, nothing less. From the first moment he sees her, she becomes the one thing he can't afford a distraction from his duty. A weakness he doesn't want but can't resist needing.

If only keeping her safe was as simple as fending off males on the hunt for a mate. Through city streets to the mountains of North Carolina, Alex and Joshua have to evade those who don't want their pure bloodlines tainted with human DNA, as well as bounty hunters who think the only good werewolf is a dead one.

What Joshua and Alex can't outrun is the passion that flares between them or the choice Alex must eventually face. Whether to claim her inner wolf, or forfeit her chance to claim Joshua as her own.


Wow.....That was a great book. It had action, werewolves, strong main characters & lots of sexual scenes. I don't read to many of these ROMANCE books but the story line was really good. It tells of acceptance & loyalty. Woman will be able to relate to Alexandra. She is strong, beautiful, confident, & a fighter. Yet she is also a little scared, uncertain of what lays ahead, & if she will be accepted by this new family she has yet to meet. There are 3 in this series so far, I will be downloading the next book today.

Happy Reading.

Book Review: Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Bitten (Woman of the Otherworld - Book #1)
by Kelley Armstrong
Kindle edition, 434 pages
Published: September 7, 2004
Source: Ebook - Own

Goodreads | Amazon

Elena Michaels is a werewolf. She tries to be human, but the man whose bite changed her existence forever, and his legacy, continue to haunt her. Thrown into a desperate war for survival that tests her allegiance to a secret clan of werewolves, Elena must reconsider who and what she is.
This was the first book I read from Kelley Armstrong. It was exactly what I am interested in werewolves.

Good book. I loved the main character, Elana, right away. As the story unfolds you understand why she loves Phillip but secretly know it's not going to work with her trying to be something she isn't. I think that I wanted to dislike Clay but found myself in total awe of him. Clay loves Elana so completely & even though they fight endlessly you understand Elana's feelings being torn between love for the man she fell for & hate for the man that ruined her life. Yet Elana can not deny her attraction to Clay, even though she tries & also avoids him if possible.

I disliked the part of the book that happened with Logan. I understood it but disliked not getting to know that character & the relationship that Elana had with him. Daniel is adorable & a great little brother figure for Elana. Daniel is loyal & kind. Antonio I really did not get to feel to much for this character, maybe I was to wrapped up in the others but I did not feel that much of a character development for him except to say Antonio is Daniel's father. That was about it.

I like Jeremy's character instantly even though he seems intense & harsh you see how much he loves Elana & cares for her as if she was his only daughter. Jeremy is very patient & loving with Elana even if she can not see that for herself. I also like that we had a small taste of Elana's childhood (hell as it was) because it helped us to understand her resistance, self preservation, & fight or flight capacity more.

I look forward to starting the next book by Kelley Armstrong.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today's Kindle Freebies - Dec 11, 2013

Please remember to always double check that these books are still free as the prices can change at any time.

Blood Orchids (Lei Crime Series 1) by Toby Neal

Amazon Link

Stunner: A Ronnie lake Mystery by Niki Danforth

Amazon Link


Illuminating Crystal (Book #1 - The White Bird Series) by PB Morlen

Amazon Link


Executive Actions by Gary Grossman

Amazon Link


He Loves Me, He Loves You Not by Mychea

Amazon Link


The Theory of Attraction (The Science of Temptation)
by Delphine Dryden

Amazon Link


A Death Displaced (Lansin Island #1) by Andrew Butcher

Amazon Link


The Cinderella Project by Stan Crowe

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Today's Kindle Freebies - December 10, 2013

Please remember to always double check that these books are still free as the prices can change at any time.
Caged in Darkness by J.D. Stroube

Amazon Link


Shucked by Megg Jensen

Amazon Link


Anathema (Cloud Prophet Trilogy) by Megg Jensen

Red Leopard by Tracy Cooper-Posey


Lichgates (Grimoire Saga - Book #1) by S.M. Boyce

Dream of You by Kate Perry

Self Confidence - How To Overcome Low Self Esteem And Build Confidence For Life by Patrick Cogen

Amazon Link

She Belongs To Me (Southern Suspense - Book #1)
by Carmen DeSousa

Amazon Link

Book Review: Torn (Connections #2) by Kim Karr

Torn (Connections - Book#2)by Kim Karr
Kindle edition, 288 pages
Published: October 1, 3013
Source: Ebook - Own

Goodreads | Amazon

Rock star River Wilde brought Dahlia London back from the brink of hopelessness with his unwavering love and devotion. But their entangled history is about to test the strength of their relationship…

Dahlia was certain she had found true love and met her 'Once in a Lifetime’ when she reconnected with River. But Dahlia’s world comes crashing down when someone from her past resurfaces, and all of River’s carefully hidden secrets are exposed.

River wants to show Dahlia that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass—it’s about dancing in the rain. But how many times can one broken heart be mended?  Will River and Dahlia be able to stay together or will they be torn apart?



Recap of Connected (Book#1)
It took Dahlia two years to get herself back out into the real world after the death of her fiance Ben. This event was so traumatic for Dahlia that she has just stayed isolated in her & Ben's house. Now her first assignment back on the job is to interview River Wilde of the Wilde Ones which Dahlia had meet 5 years prior at a college bar. Their connection was instant but she was with Ben and ran from those feelings. Now Dahlia does not have to hide that connections anymore. River knows exactly who she is the moment he sees her and the connections is still there. Through a series of events Dahlia moves in with River and the relationship is amazing and going great.

While I was not as captivated by Connected as I wanted to be, Torn made up for it.

Torn (Book #2)
Ben Covington is not dead, he has just been in hiding. (Side note - I wonder how many readers will recognize the name "Ben Covington" from the show Felicity). Now for most people it would be tragic enough to see your fiance killed right in front of you but for Dahlia it is something she will never forget. Dahlia lost her parents, her uncle & only had Ben and his family for the longest time. She lost everyone she ever loved. Finding out that Ben is alive has Dahlia's head spinning. River is unsure what this will mean for Dahlia & his future together but he knows the connection has always been there and that they have loved each other since the night their eyes meet at the bar.

Ben is a reporter and to further his career took a risky proposition. Then it all fell apart and to protect himself and Dahlia he had to die and go into hiding. Now that the FBI have everything under control Ben may return to his old life but his old life has moved on without him. Dahlia is mad as hell that Ben who supposedly loves her so much would put her through such an ordeal, even if it is to protect her. Ben made a choice and put them in danger, then he made a choice to leave and not even give her the chance to go with him.

Of course this puts a strain on River & Dahlia's relationship. River becomes very possessive of Dahlia.  I like this side of River because even though River knows that Ben loved her there are things that River found out that makes him know that Ben never deserved her. River is stressing about the upcoming tour which he does not want to do, even though Dahlia is going with him. Dahlia is trying to convince River that they will be okay and Ben coming back has nothing to do with the love she feels for him. Ben is wedging himself into anywhere that he can to get between the two of them and make waves so that Dahlia will leave River and go running back to him.

What a mess, right.  So River is keeping things about Ben from Dahlia because he does not want her to choose him because of them. River wants her to choose him because her heart belongs with him. Dahlia does not want to lose the relationships she has with Ben's family if she chooses between them. Ben wants her to see it was for her own protection. Dahlia just wants it all to stop. And basically runs away from it for a little while.

In the end Dahlia will let her heart choose & while doing so she will uncover all the terrible lies and secrets that have been withheld from her. Will she make the right choice?

I absolutely love Dahlia.  She is stronger then she even realized.  She has awesome friends that are a great support group for her & River loves her more than life itself. I also love River for all the reasons Dahlia loves River. He makes her laugh and smile, he protects her & shows her unconditional love. That is defiantly rare & I don't think I felt that connection and love with her and Ben. Dahlia & Ben share a comfortable love, full of friendship and understanding but not that passion & intensity that Dahlia and River have. I think everyone will be TEAM RIVER for this read but maybe I am a sucker for a hot rocker with a loving nature.

I looks like there is scheduled to be 6 books in the series, publication dates running through 2015.  So be on the lookout.

Happy Reading.

Ear Threads


I have been obsessed with ear threads from the moment I saw them. I absolutely fell in love. They are a different look and can be worn on any occasion. I wear mine to work all the time. I use only Swarovski crystals and Sterling Silver ear threads. These can be made with 4mm. 6mm, or combination of both size bicone crystals in any color you choose. I have also made them with a crystal drop added. They are a very versatile accessory and can easily make the transition from day to night and have a nice sparkle to them especially with AB finished crystals. They work for many occasions.

These can be custom made with any color crystal you would like. Just email me the color and which style you prefer. (info@quiltypleasuresplus.com & order#) Also, crystal drops can be added but may not be available in all colors.

Please note that shipping times may vary on custom orders. Usually they can be made and shipped within 2 days however in the instance of not having the correct supplies for the order it may take up to a week to acquire the beads which will delay the shipping time.

Etsy Link - Custom

Rose Ear Threads

This pair is made with Rose crystals in both 6mm & 8mm. 

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Comet Ear Threads

This pair is made with Comet crystals in 6mm.

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Peridot Ear Threads

This pair is made with Peridot crystals in 6mm. This is my favorite crystal for the green colors. 

Fire Opal Ear Threads

This pair is made with Fire Opal crystals in both 4mm & 6mm.   This crystal is very unique, it has a bleeding quality to it.  It goes from Yellow to orange to red.

Aquamarine Drop Ear Threads

This pair is made with Aquamarine crystals in both 4mm & 6mm and I added a drop for a different look.

Black Diamond Ear Threads

This pair is made with Black Diamond crystals in 6mm.   These crystals look like a grey steel color.

Amethyst Ear Threads

This pair is made with Amethyst crystals in 8mm AB & 6mm