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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Today's Kindle Freebies: March 13th Part 1

Always remember to double check the price on Amazon as the prices can change at any time.


  • Nothing Left to Lose

    Nothing Left to Lose

    Annabelle Spencer’s life is every girl’s dream. She has wonderful parents, great friends, and of course the perfect boyfriend, Jack Roberts. That all changes on her sixteenth birthday when her life comes crashing down around her. Her dream night turns into a nightmare when Jack is murdered right in front of her, and she’s kidnapped by his murderer, Carter Thomas, a big time drug and arms dealer. After ten months of being with Carter, she’s found, but the experience has totally changed her. She’s no longer the happy-go-lucky girl that everyone used to know and love; she’s now cold, hard and suffers from night terrors. It appears that Carter broke not only her body, but her spirit too. A shadow of her former self, her slogan for life is now: ‘If you don’t care about anything, then you have nothing to lose’. Carter is currently serving time for the murder of Jack, a conviction that Anna helped secure. But his retrial is coming up because some key evidence appears to have been tampered with. Unbeknown to Anna, death threats are being received by her father, the Senator. It appears that Carter is still interested in Anna and will stop at nothing to get her back. Ashton Taylor is brought in to protect her. He’s a newly qualified SWAT agent, a bright spark, the agency’s new golden boy. He is assigned undercover, posing as her boyfriend. His job is to help her through college and keep her safe until the end of the trial in eight months’ time. For three years she has been the broken, damaged girl, refusing to feel emotion or pain, but can Ashton help her rebuild her life and finally deal with the grief of losing her childhood sweetheart? Will he be the one to make her see that life is, in fact, worth living and that not all men will hurt her? All the while, the shadow of the trial looms over the both of them, taunting them, reminding them that it isn’t over yet. After all, Carter Thomas will stop at nothing to be reunited with his ‘Princess’.
  • The Rasner Effect

    The Rasner Effect

    Rick Rasner escaped death in a New York City bridge explosion - but he couldn't escape becoming an unwitting participant in a top secret military experiment. Seven years later, while working at an institution for troubled children, Rick finds himself the target of a group of mercenaries called The Duke Organization. When they meet, the life of Rick Rasner, and the lives of the Duke Organization, will change forever...but not as much as that of fifteen year old, Clara Blue. Pulled into a world of violence, can Clara escape, or will she choose to stay?
  • The Island (The Island Series #1)

    The Island (The Island Series #1)

    ‘I walk toward the sea. The endless surface of the water extends to the horizon, whichever way I look. Our world is small. We are on our own, and we only have ourselves to depend on. We rely on the Force deep within us, as taught to us by our forefathers. If I were to walk westward from here, I would come across a barrier – the Wall. Behind it, there are Fools. At least, that’s what everyone says. I have never seen one.’ Leia lives on the Island, a world in which children leave their parents to take care of themselves when they are ten years old. Across this Island runs a wall that no one has ever crossed. The Fools living behind it are not amenable to reason – they believe in illusions. That’s what The Book says, the only thing left to the Eastern Islanders by their ancestors. But when a strange man washes ashore and Leia meets a Fool face to face, her life will never be the same. Is what she and her friends believe about the Island really true? Or is everyone in their world, in fact, a Fool?
  • A Black Deeper Than Death (Tenebrous Chronicles/ Miki Radicci Book 1)

    A Black Deeper Than Death (Tenebrous Chronicles/ Miki Radicci Book 1)

    In this fast-paced and gritty urban mystery, M.E. Purfield with hardcore prose introduces a young heroine that's naively above the law and searching for redemption in a concrete jungle built on greed and delusion. Miki Radicci is not your average sixteen-year-old city girl. She's emancipated from her grifter parents, a flavor of the month in the art world, and a psychic. Her life turns upside down when she witnesses a murder of a young college girl in one of her visions. Not only does she grab the attention of the police, but also the killer. To save her own life as well as her family, Miki delves into the victim's past and follows a trail that leads her into a dark world of underground modeling and low-level criminals. A path that will lead her closer to the killer than she thought.
  • In Good Spirits (Above the Grave)

    In Good Spirits (Above the Grave)

    Falling in love isn’t easy. Physical attraction, for one, comes in handy, along with the right personality. As a rule, you should probably make sure that above all, the one that you are falling for is among the living. After being cursed by a jealous and greedy witch, Mary Ann O’Keefe has been trapped in the afterlife for one hundred and sixty years. In order to gain her long awaited life back, she must find her true love. Just when it seems that she will be stuck in spirit forever, handsome Jace Melancon stumbles his way into her lonely little world. A bachelor with big dreams that were finally coming true, Jace forever changed his destiny the day that he ran out of gas on the outskirts of New Orleans. Drawn to an odd little cemetery, what he discovers will teach him more about life and death than he ever imagined. In a strange turn of events, Jace and Mary Ann find that love, and an open mind can not only conquer any surprise from the other side of normal, but transcend life and even death, itself.
  • Victims of Silence

    Victims of Silence

    ... A Sex abuse case... ...trying to escape… … A new murder and threats… … The reencounter with the enemy… A girl was victim of sexual abuse and tries to rebuild her life. But, when she finally believed to find her way the happiness and forget that night, a new episode makes her wake up to the apavoring certainty that is absolute impossible to escape from the past… And just one alternative is existent to the peace returns to her heart and makes the justice: Confront her worst and redoubtable enemy.” With this amazing story, the writer maintain the thriller till the end, making the reader hold the breath to follow this adventure that, in all the chapters, come with new relations and feelings from a past who was supposed to be forgotten. Victims of Silence combines ingredients like love, adventure, thriller, seduction and mystery in one book that will catch your attention from the beginning until the end, having as background the sexual abuse case.
  • Lazarus


    KIRKUS DISCOVERIES REVIEW: An avant garde update of a classic Greek tragedy. Akley's new novel is a deeply ambitious project, 700-plus pages of experimental prose filled with allusions to the Bible, the Beatles, Marx, Nietzsche, Johnny Cash and the cool jazz of Miles Davis, but readers who stick with it will be amply rewarded. Although labyrinthine, it is also gratifying. Akley's previous work includes a number of award-winning children's books, but this project is decidedly adult. Lazarus is a contemporary version of the Oedipus trilogy, Sophocles' timeless epic about the benighted family of a man who kills his father and marries his mother. However, the novel is less a retelling than a refraction. Akley shines his ancient source through a prism and watches the colors spin and dance on a white wall, jumping between generations and growing family trees whose limbs are sometimes chopped with surprising speed, he delivers a tale as engrossing as it is complex. However, he manages this sprawling project with a steady hand, his deft prose is the thread that keeps his patchwork quilt from falling to pieces. The author experiments with numerous forms, piecing his story together with diary entries, e-mail correspondence, dramatic dialogue and, to great effect, screenplay. Each form is more adeptly handled than the last and such flexibility proves his skill. A challenging but altogether cutting-edge, first-rate magnum opus by an up-and-coming author. Print Length: 732 pages
  • Heir of Earth (Forgotten Gods)

    Heir of Earth (Forgotten Gods)

    In Irish legend, a superhuman race descended from the goddess Danu. Comparable to medieval fairies or elves. Beautiful, powerful and merciless to humans who get in their way. After graduating high school, American teen Faye Kent is spending a magical summer in Ireland with relatives. The summer promises her everything her old life didn’t, including a chance at love with the impossibly perfect Dayne DeLaney. But Faye is hiding a secret, a secret she came to Ireland to forget. The mystical Irish countryside also hides a secret, a slumbering evil that awakens and quickly fixates on Faye. The locals warn Faye to heed their cautionary tales of the beautiful, but deadly, creatures that once ruled this mystical land. They avoid the Sidhe at all costs. Faye laughs at their superstitious ways, breaking every rule that could have protected her. She should have listened. The Sidhe now hunt Faye, and she faces a fight that will expose the secret she desperately wants to keep hidden and uncover a mystery even deeper than she could have imagined. Soon the world will know the truth about who Faye Kent really is. Will she sacrifice herself to save everything she loves?
  • The Frog, the Wizard, and the Shrew

    The Frog, the Wizard, and the Shrew

    With a combination of insight and magical realism, author MaryAnn Myers propels her readers into the mysterious and provacative world of Anne Marie Light. The young woman's purchase of a second-hand prom dress initiates a chain of events during which strange, unfamiliar memories surface: a recurring song of longing, a teen pregnancy, and a dearly loved, but perhaps abandoned baby. When Anne Marie sets out to discover the source of these haunting thoughts, her journey leads to the streets of New Orleans for answers. Unforgettable characters along the way include the eccentric ex-circus performer, Miss Colorado, an intriguing telephone installer named Danny, a voodoo queen called Rosalee, and Anne Marie's caustic mother, with whom a reconcilation must be made if there is to be a true resolution.
  • The Guestbook

    The Guestbook

    Fleeing her picture-perfect marriage among the privileged set of Brentwood and the wreckage of a failed marriage, Lily Parkins decides to move to the only place that still holds happy memories, her grandmother’s old farmhouse. The lush and majestic setting of the Pacific Northwest calls to her and offers a place of refuge and perhaps renewal. Her grandmother has passed away, leaving the Madrona Island Bed & Breakfast Inn to Lily. Left with only an old guestbook as her guide–a curious book full of letters, recipes, and glimpses into her family history–Lily is determined to embrace her newfound independence and recreate herself, one page at a time. With the help of the quirky island residents she has befriended, she slowly finds the strength to seek out happiness on her own terms. But as soon as she has sworn off men and is standing on her own two feet, Lily meets Ian, the alluring artist who lives next door, and her new life is suddenly thrown off course. The last thing she wants to do right now is to open her heart to another man. Ultimately, Lily must decide if it’s worth giving up her soul for security or risking everything to follow her heart in this romantic love story. The Guestbook is the first book in the Madrona Island Trilogy.
  • Neverlove (Shadow Jumpers)

    Neverlove (Shadow Jumpers)

    For a girl born of privilege and a young man bred for status, a lack of real love had everything to do with the drastic changes of their lives. Abigail - Abused to the point of defeat, seventeen doesn't seem a bad age to die. Surviving suicide leads her to a second chance at V'Salicus Academy to become a Cleanser, a protector of lost souls. Basil - Perfection is the key to earning his parents' love. A slip of the tongue lands him in service to hell as the devil's newest Harvestor, a collector of lost souls to feed his new master's constant craving. As with angels and demons, love is forbidden for Cleansers and Harvestors, yet it is the forbidden that is most alluring. When their paths cross, true love is what Abigail and Basil finally discover in each other. Can they hold tight to their love, or will duty trump all, leaving them both to a fate of Neverlove? ***Beware, there will be action, light romance and a few moments that will tug at your soul***
  • Inverted Heart

    Inverted Heart

    Inverted Heart takes place in Smithton, Illinois, a small Midwestern town whose heyday has passed. The story follows Mike Burke, a young man who finds himself sitting in the backseat of a police cruiser on his way to the County Jail. During the trip, the police car passes scenes and locales that remind Mike of his journey to this spot. He’s reminded of the larger than life characters who acted as role models. The interactions of young children evoke images of his own childhood adventures where he meandered into roles much like the one he has taken on as an adult. Passing by his former schools he remembers how he was molded into the ambiguous shape that forced him to seek out a place for himself in his town and society as a whole. Ultimately, dissatisfied with the cards he’s been dealt, Mike tries to align the stars himself, resulting in tragedy. Inverted Heart documents the struggle that many young, and not so young, men go through in an attempt to make themselves into the heroes that they are presented with by American society. It is the story of the pursuit of heroism but settling for infamy, which for some, is better than being nobody.
  • Tainted Legacy

    Tainted Legacy

    Spanning two world wars the story follows the lives of three generations of the Stone family, opening with the birth of Mary's baby, Victoria. Condemned to grinding poverty which destroys her health, Mary vows her daughter will not suffer the same fate, beginning to instill in Victoria an ambition to succeed whatever the cost, only to die tragically a few years later. Adopted by wealthy relatives, the young Victoria captivates her uncle - but the legacy he bequeaths her will condemn future generations to unimagined pain and suffering as, with single minded determination, Victoria follows her mother's dream for her. But will it turn into a nightmare from which there is no escape?
  • Children's Book + E-Video : Johnny Goes to First Grade. Bedtime Stories Book For Children's (Good night & Bedtime Children's Story E-book Collection). For children ages 3-8

    Children's Book + E-Video : Johnny Goes to First Grade. Bedtime Stories Book For Children's (Good night & Bedtime Children's Story E-book Collection). For children ages 3-8

    Do your kids love to listen to stories about the habitat ,environment of different kinds Farm animals? Do your children like beautiful picture books? A wonderful anytime book for parents to read to children, and also a great book for learner to read alone. If you're looking for a fun bedtime story and a few moment of fun with your kids ages 3-8 years this is the book for you. This Level 1 reader is filled with photos and many colorful illustration that capture life of six years old boy on a farm.
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  • The Mark Taylor Series: Books One and Two

    The Mark Taylor Series: Books One and Two

    Special edition contains first two books, NO GOOD DEED and MARCH INTO HELL, in the Mark Taylor Series. No Good Deed: Book One Mark Taylor discovers first hand that no good deed goes unpunished when he finds an old camera in an Afghanistan bazaar that gives him more than great photos. It triggers dreams of future events. When one shows a devastating terrorist attack, everyone ignores his frantic warnings. Thousands die. Suddenly, the Feds are pounding on his door and the name they have for Taylor isn't urban hero. It's enemy combatant. And, it means they can do anything they want to him. Anything at all. A Kindle Bestseller, No Good Deed reached #15 on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller List in June 2011. March Into Hell: Book Two Mark Taylor's life takes a dark turn when his heroism becomes the subject of a newspaper article. The media attention and a harrowing encounter while saving a young woman, puts him in the sights of the ruthless cult leader who covets the secret to Mark's power. Uncomfortable in the public spotlight, Mark suspects he's being tested by the force behind the camera's prophetic magic. Battling his own self-doubt, he must maintain the secret or risk certain death.