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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Book Review: Moon (New Species - Book #10) by Laurann Dohner

Moon (New Species - Book #10)
by Laurann Dohner
Kindle Edition, 263 pages
  • Source: Ebook - Own


Dr. Joyce Yards has never met anyone as irresistible as 466. Their therapy sessions are growing hotter, his raw sexual hunger becoming aggressive, and he refuses to discuss anything except the possibility of getting her naked. Joy understands the dire consequences if she indulges her passion. It will break her heart but she must walk away.

Moon has been drugged, his memory shattered, and he’s now little more than feral, a dangerous threat to everyone. In their need for help, the NSO doctors turn to the only female Moon ever cared about—the one who left him behind two years ago.

Moon isn’t the same male Joy once knew. There are no rules now. If sex tames the wild beast and triggers his fractured memories, allowing him moments of lucidity, then Joy will give him everything, body and soul. She’ll do whatever it takes to save him—even at the cost of her own life.
Dr. Joyce Yards and 466 have a history. She helped him adjust after Mercile was taken down and New Species were freed. They were held in secret locations to learn basic skills. Joy was a psychologist who worked with them to help with their past burdens. Joy left 466 before he took the name Moon and put distance between herself and her patient before she gave into the feelings she had and got them both in trouble.

Moon was injured during the breech of Reservation when mercenaries were hired to kidnap Beauty and take her back to her "Master". Moon was shot with a tranquilizer dart so they thought but after removing the dart and Moon wakes up feral the NSO realize that it was a different type of drug. The think it most be a mating drug and try to give it time to wear off but as days go by and Moon is not back to him easy going self the NSO begin to worry. Joy is called in to help him since they worked together in the past and thinks she might hold the key to some answers on what to do next.

Joy is in love with Moon and will do whatever it takes to get him better. She wants another chance to make things right between them and to see if he would give her another chance at a relationship. Joy is placing herself in danger with Moon being feral but Moon calms for her and no one else, so the NSO allow her to be near him of course after signing paperwork releasing them of any harm that may come to her.

Joy gets Moon to talk a little and he thinks he is still at the hotel in the desert where they first met. He is 3 years in the past. Joy is not sure what the drug is but does her best to show him the here and now without causing him more harm.

When things get back to normal the question Joy is faced with will be if Moon will still want her and forgive her after leaving him behind. Hopefully they love each other enough to give it a go and Moon will have to understand her decision was for his safety.

Dr. Kroger is annoying and I am glad that Joy got to tell him off. He is not New Species friendly. I hope that Joy will take his job at Homeland.

This particular book did not have as many twists and turns as others but it was still a nice read. You feel Joy's regret in leaving Moon, you feel her love and concern for Moon, and you feel Moon's broken heart from the past. Another good one from Laurann.

Rating: 3 STARS

Happy Reading!