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Sunday, July 20, 2014

DIY Project: Jewelry Organizer (Bracelets & Necklaces)

Being a jewelry maker I have a lot.  I have more earrings than anything else but my bracelet area is getting out of hand. I try to be picky so I don't get to much clutter but I find myself wanting to make more and more with no place to put them.  I started off with a fairly good jewelry hanging area. I have a jewelry box that I dump most of my other stuff into but of course the lighting is bad and it is hard to find what I am looking for. I like to see everything in front of me so I can choose quickly and not have to open a bunch of drawers. I bought this 3 tiered bracelet holder and it works pretty well for the normal bracelets. However, it is now over crowded and the memory wire bracelets don't work as well on this so I have been stuffing them in a drawer. Check out all my clutter on top of the jewelry box. I made a earring hanger for the 1st part of my jewelry organization and it helped for that part now I need some help with the bracelets. So this is what I can up with.


List of supplies needed:
  • Generic chain
  • Cup Hooks
  • S Hooks

I found everything at my local hardware store (Lowes and Home Depot) and it was really affordable. I spent less than $12.00 for this project and the majority of the expense was the box of 100 S-Hooks I purchased for $8.58.

The got 3 feet of chain.  This was under $1 at Home Depot.

I am going to walk you through the steps so you can make your own.  You could make this with no instructions I'm sure but I will take you through it really quick.


Clear the spot you would like to hang your chain. Remember necklaces are long and bracelets can be too so make sure you have enough hanging space for when your items are stored.


Place cup hooks where you want your chain to go and hang the chain.

In my case I live in a mobile home so I had to place it where there were studs behind the paneling to get a good hold on the cup hook.

This method is also good because you can expand later in the same space if needed. You could put bracelets on top and necklaces on the bottom. Anyone with limited space can use these types of projects to help use the space more efficiently.


Place cup hooks every 2 chain rings or so depending on how much you have or how much space is needed if you have chunky jewelry. My memory wire bracelets are chunky so I had extra chain that I let hang down & hung them there. I will probably need another chain for just these bracelets since they take up a lot of space.

Another project..... haha


Hang up your jewelry. It's that easy.


So if you like what I did here, now you can make your own. This will help me to get myself organized and I hope that this will help you or inspire you to do the same. This wall is directly before my closet with that cluttered jewelry box and it had a mirror on it that I never really used.  The mirror is a lot heavier so I knew it would hold without a problem.  I just replaced the mirror with my new creation and now I never have to hunt for my bracelets. And now there is some empty space to grow also. Of course that mirror is now in the closet taking up space. LOL

Thanks for checking out my DIY post. I hope it helped you come up with some ideas for your own areas that need improvement.