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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Eye Pillows by Quilty Pleasures Plus

Quilty Pleasures Plus

Kami's Kreations

Eye Pillows and Masks are now available for purchase in our Etsy Store.

Eye Pillows with removable case, Hot and Cold Therapy, Aromatherapy, Stress/Migraine Relief, Cover Washer/Dryer Safe, Yoga Pillow

Eye Pillow - Etsy Link

Eye Pillow Masks, Cold Therapy, Stress/Migraine Relief

Mask Eye Pillow - Etsy Link

This eye pillow is filled with Grade A Golden Flax Seed. The fabric is 100% cotton and is soft and cooling, with a shape that contours to your face and eyes while blocking out the light. The flax seed uses pressure points around the eyes to relieve tension and calm active muscles. This eye pillow is great for treating headaches, or relaxing tired, puffy eyes. Use this pillow for heat therapy, cold therapy, or even aromatherapy. 

HEAT THERAPY: Just place inside pillow in the microwave for 20 – 60 seconds in 20 second intervals. (NOTE: always check the temperature before applying to the skin) Insert in Pillow Cover and apply where needed, but never apply heated pillow to the eye area. CAUTION: Overheating may result in a fire. Do not leave in microwave unattended. 

COLD THERAPY: Place inside pillow in a plastic storage bag in the freezer for between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Insert in Pillow Cover and apply where needed. Inside pillow can be left in freezer until ready for use. (Eye Pillow Mask use Cold Therapy only)

AROMATHERAPY: Apply your preferred essential oil on the inside pillow ONLY. Insert in Pillow Cover before use. When using essential oils, please note that some oils can cause serious irritation when in direct contact with your skin. This is especially true for the eye area. Please proceed with CAUTION.

CLEANING: Remove inside pillow from pillow cover. Outside pillow cover can be placed in washer & dryer. Inside pillow may be spot cleaned ONLY. (Tip: To extend the life of your pillow, store in an airtight container or bag when not in use).

NEVER leave children unattended with product.

WARNING: Contents not for human consumption. 

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Today's Kindle Freebie: August 23rd

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Today's Kindle Freebies: August 22nd

Always remember to double check the price on Amazon as the prices can change at any time. 


Into the Darkness (Darkness #1)
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by Tom Stacey
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Dating A Cougar: Book One of the Never Too Late Series
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Ann Marie's Asylum (Master and Apprentice Book 1)
by Christopher Rankin
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The Paleo Summer Survival Guide: 12 Must-Have Recipes Plus Insider Tips for a Healthy, Happy Summer
by Julie Mayfield by Harlequin Nonfiction
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2013-07-01

Arouse: A Spiral of Bliss Novel (Book One)
by Nina Lane by Snow Queen Publishing
Kindle Edition ~ Release Date: 2013-01-01

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Book Review: While It Lasts (Sea Breeze #3) by Abbi Glines

While It Lasts (Sea Breeze #3)
by Abbi Glines
Kindle Edition, 304 Pages
ASIN: B008QP745K
Source: Ebook - Own


Maybe driving home after a few (or more) shots of tequila had been a bad idea, but hell, he did it all the time. The cops had to have been freaking bored to have pulled him over. He wasn’t even swerving! That’s Cage York’s story and he’s sticking to it.

Unfortunately, his baseball coach isn’t buying it. Cage has a free ride to the local junior college for baseball -- or he did, until he’d gotten a DUI. Now, Cage has to decide: does he drop out and give up his dream of getting noticed by a college in the SEC, and possibly making it into the Major Leagues -- or does he give in to his coach’s demands and spend his summer baling hay?

Eva Brooks planned out her life step by step when she was eight years old. Not once over the years had she lost sight of her goals. Josh Beasley, her next door neighbor, had been the center of those goals. He’d been her first boyfriend at seven, her first kiss at ten, her first date at fifteen, and her first tragedy at eighteen. The moment she’d received the phone call from Josh’s mother saying he’d been killed along with four other soldiers just north of Baghdad, Eva’s carefully planned life imploded in the worst way possible.

Cage isn’t real happy with his closet-sized bedroom in the back of a foul smelling barn, or his daily interactions with cows, but he knows that if he doesn’t make his coach happy then he can kiss his scholarship goodbye. Only a sick and twisted man would decide his punishment was to be working on a farm all summer. No hot babes in bikinis waiting to meet a Southern boy to make her vacation complete. Just him and the damned cows.

Oh -- and an uptight, snarky brunette with the biggest blue eyes he’s every seen. But she doesn’t count, because as hard as he’s tried to charm her out of her panties - he’s pretty sure she’d rather see him hung from the rafters than let him get a taste of her pretty little lips.

Cage is a bad boy that is a given after the 1st 2 books in this series. His view on sex is that it is just for release nothing more. He never keeps the girls around afterwards. He just discards them, they mean nothing to him.

Eva is stuck in her life. She cannot move on from losing Josh. He was part of her life for 18 years as more than the love of her life he was her best friend. With Josh's death Eva's life has been at a standstill. Actually her life has stopped. Eva stopped driving her Jeep, stopped playing the guitar, and stopped believing that love would happen again.

Cage is about to lose his scholarship due to his bad behavior. Cage got a DUI and the coach is sending him to do some work on a farm for the summer to make up for the infringement. If he can successfully work on the farm with no problems then his scholarship will still be in place when he returns to school. Cage of course is hating this idea. No woman, No drinking, No sex, No summer, No friends, NO LIFE...... NO THANK YOU.

Cage has no choice without this he has NO FUTURE.

Wilson the farm owner is strict. Cage is a hard worker and wants no problems. Eva is the "farmers daughter" and Cage is in awe..... Wow she is beautiful. But the Eva's unwelcoming greeting has Cage thinking that she hates him. And really she is not thrilled with him truth be told. She has judged him based on knowing that he is a playboy from his appearance and a criminal from the DUI. Eva wants nothing to do with that world.

Cage meets Jeremy whom he thinks is Eva's boyfriend/fiance. When Cage and Jeremy have an altercation Eva sets him straight that Jeremy is just a friend. Jeremy tells Cage about his brother Josh being Eva's finance but that he was killed 18 months ago. And Eva still wears his ring and has not moved on.

Eva is attracted to Cage, she cannot help herself from watching him work with his shirt off. Her body wants him but she is not sure that is what she wants or needs. As Eva gets to know Cage more she starts to see the sweet side of his rough and tough personality. Cage usually only shares this part of himself with Willow. But his feelings for Eva, even though they just met, is something unexpected for him and he lets down his walls. Cage is hoping that him making Eva laugh again will help her to move on. Cage and Eva start to care for one another and sparks fly. 

Eva's father and Josh's mom are against Cage. Eva is keeping their relationship or whatever this is a secret. Cage is never going to be good enough for Eva in their eyes and she is trying to fight against that thought but is having trouble reconciling her feelings of letting Josh down and her want to be with Cage.

Honestly, I like the story better than the 1st two I read. I do feel that this author has a VIRGIN'S only theme going on. I would like to see if she can write a bad girl slut turns good with a virgin guy waiting for love. That would be a twist. Anyway, I like this story better because it actually made me a little sad. The poor girl loses her fiance, spends all her time with his twin brother Jeremy, and has no life because of the sadness that surrounds her everyday. That is sad and I liked that the bad boy with the soft side could swoop in and make her feel something again, make her smile and laugh again, and just make her LIVE again.

Rating: 4 STARS
Happy Reading!