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Monday, November 2, 2015

Today's Kindle Freebies: November 2nd

Always remember to double check the price on Amazon
as the prices can change at any time. 
                                                                       on Kindle

Consequences by Aleatha Romig: Consequences is a psychological thriller/dark romance about Anthony Rawlings, the man you love to hate, and Claire Nichols. Can Claire make it through the consequences? on Kindle
Bells on Her Toes by ReGina Welling: Gustavia Roman is in danger. Somehow helping her best friend, Julie, solve an old family mystery has put her in the crosshairs of a madman. There’s no time for distractions like meeting the man of her dreams. Too bad fate has other plans. on Kindle
Lady Justice and the Vet by Robert Thornhill: The poignant tale of a veteran returning from a tour in Afghanistan, only to be put in harm’s way on the home front. on Kindle
Enhancement: Black Market DNA #1 by Anthony J Melchiorri: A new crime wave is spreading through Baltimore: illegal genetic enhancements. Brilliant genetic scientist Chris Morgan finds himself at the center of a crime-ring conspiracy when someone comes for his life. Can he unravel the mess he’s found himself in before it’s too late? on Kindle
Swept Away by Susan Kiernan-Lewis: Ella Stevens falls through a time portal into 1620 Heidelberg where the materials of the future cannot protect her from the brutality of day to day living. Helped by a dashing US Marshal who followed her to the past, will she find her way back to the present?
This book is Free on November 1, 2015 on Kindle
A Work In Progress by Staci Stallings: Rebecca was never one of those people admired for their beauty. All through high school, and into college, she spent her time outside of the “attractive” group, not desired or desiring. Then she met Eric, a college boy who appears to be more into her roommate than her. Will they find love with each other? on Kindle
1915 Pride and Glory by John Hughes Wilson: Fall back into 1915, where World War I soldier Tommy Gunn battles for his life in the terror of the trenches.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
Planned Coincidence by Dana Arama: Gabriela, gorgeous woman of wealth, is seduced by a silver tongued client. When her family is taken from her she realizes with horror that this man is behind their deaths. Revenge quickly becomes the foremost mission on her mind.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard by Robert Bryndza: Coco Pilchard put fun off long enough. The married mother is ready to take her life to a new level of enjoyment. But this plan is soon tested by a visit from her mother in-law and unforeseen marital problems.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
High Stakes Bride by Caroline Clemmons: Jilted! Zach Stone is through with women until he meets Alice Price, an ailing feisty woman on the run from dangerous men. He thinks if she poses as his mail-order bride, he can save face and she’ll have a safe place to recover. Fate has other plans.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
Forever (Time for Love Book 1) by Miranda P. Charles: Trapped in a luxury cruise ship, is this Zach and Rebecca’s chance to unravel the untruths that kept them apart? A steamy and stirring contemporary romance about second chances and true love.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
Bluestone Homecoming by MJ Fredrick: War correspondent Leo Ericson spends more time on the frontline than he does with his own son. The child’s school counselor Trinity Madison doesn’t understand why. But when Leo returns home, the two form an unexpected bond that could lead to so much more.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
Firefly Hollow by T. L. Haddix: He’s a mysterious recluse. She’s the girl next door. They never could have suspected that falling in love was the easy part. Women’s Fiction Romance set in 1960 with elements of traditional Appalachian folklore.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
Steel Maiden (Divided Realms Book 1) by Kim Richardson: Elena was caught stealing the Empire’s prized gem. The penalty for theft if death, but she is given a way out: enlist as a High priests’ champion in The Great Race. Elena finds herself fighting for her life, competing against some one she despises while falling for another.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
Torment (Dark Alpha 1) by Alisa Woods: A female shifter decides to explore forbidden feelings for another wolf.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
The Problem With Crazy by Lauren K. McKellar: What do you do when your whole world crumbles around you? 18-year-old Kate is about to find out — and learn how to live life to the fullest along the way.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
The Way by Mary E. Twomey: In a world separated by blood type, Blue Anders is a member of the lower class. Eager to revolt, Blue and her family must overthrow the constraints of their society, even if it means going against her brother.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015 on Kindle
Keeper of the Forest by D.K. Holmberg: Eris Taeresin has wasted months searching the massive palace garden for a flower that will allow her the secret language of flowers. Only, each day the Mistress of Flowers withholds her lesson each time. But Eris finds a mysterious plant and runs into a dashing gardener, giving her the idea that the Mistress of Flowers may not be as she appears.
This book is Free on November 2, 2015