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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Book Review: Home (Songbird) by Melissa Pearl

(Songbird - Book #4)
by Melissa Pearl
Kindle Edition, 255 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

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HOME - Rachel & Josh's Story...

Rachel Myers never meant to stay in the small town of Payton. Her eyes are set on bigger things than waitressing at Clark’s Bar. She wants to perform on a stage of her own with bright lights, fame, and fortune. But her dreams seem too far out of reach and so she stays put, content with the love of her boyfriend, Joshua Clark. He’s a good man, a solid rock she can depend on. She wants that to be enough, but it hasn’t quelled her yearning for the big city.

Josh has never loved anyone the way he loves Rachel and he dreads the day she might leave him. He’s happy in his small town home. Running the bar that has been in his family for two generations is a dream come true. He couldn’t be happier with his life… until one night, a city boy from Hollywood promises Rachel a record deal and destroys everything.

Jumping at a chance she never thought she’d have, Rachel leaves Payton. And Josh. But the sparkle of Los Angeles is not all it’s cracked up to be, and Rachel quickly figures out that some sacrifices are not worth the risk. Is she too late? Will Josh forgive her, or has her desire for fame ruined the best thing she’s ever had?

Sometimes you have to say goodbye before you can say forever.

Classic Story of You Don't Know What You Have Until it's Gone.

Rachel & Josh have a once-in-a-lifetime LOVE. Josh is afraid to say it and Rachel is afraid to believe it.

Rachel wants to be a STAR. The next BIG country singer. Following her dreams (or her mothers) she gets a chance in LA. But the evil doers of the world trap her into an impossible contract. She tries to comply thinking that she is protecting Josh. Her heart breaks everyday for Josh.

She realizes to late that Josh and the city of Payton is her home and her success in life.

Rachel finds herself in a bad situation and flees. Knowing she can't go home she runs into a nice young couple who help her get back on her feet (Leo & Jody).

Josh's character was sweet, brooding, strong, protective, and loyal. I feel for him right away. Rachel should have called him just to even say everything is great just so Josh knew she would come home to him. 

I had a little difficulty reading this book because I ended up with a lot of anxiety while reading Rachel's character and the situation she got herself into. I felt it and that is a sign of great writing, however I feel that these situations happen in everyday life and it is a realistic story that could happen to someone you love or know. For me that made the story better. After I got through a couple of chapters with Rachel's bad situation and she found Leo & Jody I had renewed hope for the character.

Rating: 4 Stars

Happy Reading!