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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Book Review: The Rocker Who Shatters Me by Terri Anne Browning

The Rocker Who Shatters Me
(The Rocker - Book #9)
by Terri Anne Browning
Kindle Edition, 220 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

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***Mature Content. Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of 17***

A Bet…

Yes, I made a bet with my best friend—my now ex-best friend. It had been a stupid, heat of the moment kind of thing. I’d just wanted to get her out of my system and move one. Instead I’ve lived to regret it ever since. I lost the girl I loved, a girl that possessed my very soul. Now I can’t even get close to Natalie. She thinks all she ever meant to me was just the means to the end of a stupid, stupid game.

…For a Bet!

In the span of one night I’d gone from thinking I had a future with the man I loved to SHATTERED at his feet. I can’t get over it. The pain is too strong, too destructive as it festers more and more inside of me. And then my friend came up with the perfect revenge for both our broken hearts.

“I bet you…”

Those three little words gave me a reason to ball my pain up and throw it back in Devlin Cutter’s face. I would let him back in, let him think he had a chance with me once again. And then I would walk away, leaving him broken and bleeding at my feet as he once had left me.

This time he would be the one SHATTERED.

Natalie & Devlin

Natalie Stevenson loves Devlin Cutter. But 1 year ago Devlin shattered Natalie's heart and she still can't put the pieces together.

It was supposed to be an innocent and harmless bet between two best friends. Which one can NAIL the new chick first. But the bet destroyed all three people and their relationships. Devlin and Zander were best friends until Zander told about the bet and Devlin lost the woman he loved. Natalie hates Devlin and loves Devlin. Natalie struggles to move forward and keep working with Devlin even though she can't be alone with the sexy ROCKER because her body does not know that her heart is still mad at the rocker.

Devlin tries to talk to Natalie at any opportunity. Devlin knows what they had 1 year ago was the start of something awesome. Devlin does his best to make up for his screw up and prove to Natalie that she is special to him and it was not a game that he was playing

When Natalie is forced on the OtherWorld tour bus she has no choice but to see Devlin everyday. As time passes she becomes less mad at the rocker and Devlin starts to win back her trust and her heart.

Zander tries to tell Natalie that he is sorry and wants to be friends again like they used to be before that stupid bet. But can Natalie forgive him.

I love Harris (Devlin's son) and Devlin's relationship. It feels right with Devlin being so young when Harris was born. I hope I still love Harris after I read Catching Lucy. The relationship between Harris and Natalie is very sweet as well. I like that Harris sees Natalie as a big sister/mom role in his life even though they are close in age. This book overlaps The Rocker Who Cherishes Me, Wroth and Marissa's story. So you get to go back a little ways and remember what happened with Marissa and Wroth. 

Devlin's love for Natalie comes through but his fear is also present and we get to see his vulnerable side. 

I hope to see more of Jenna and Kenzie in some of the future books.

Rating: 3 Stars

Happy Reading!