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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Book Revkew: The Rocker Who Cherishes Me by Terri Anne Browming

The Rocker Who Cherishes Me
(The Rocker - Book #8)
by Terri Anne Browning
Kindle, 198 Pages
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***Mature Content. Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of 17*** 

The Rocker Who Cherishes Me
The marines took me from a Tennessee farm boy and turned me into a hard man. Between the things I’d seen during my tour of duty and the things I’d done during my years as a member of OtherWorld, nothing could faze me. Nothing.

Except for HER.
She’s everything that is good in the world. At least, my world. Everything I’ve ever done has been for her. Always for her. I feel as if I need her to breathe, to feel alive. But I can’t have Marissa. She’s to innocent, to damn perfect. And me? I’m not good enough for that girl. She deserves better, someone who would spend their life CHERISHING her. Not breaking her heart.

Between my brother and Wroth Niall I’d been protected from the world for most of my life. You would think I was still a little girl the way they treated me. But I wasn’t made out of glass. It would take a lot to break this girl. Because if a childhood cancer hadn’t kicked my butt, nothing would. Right?

All I’ve ever wanted was for him to look at me. Really look at me and see that I wasn’t a fragile piece of porcelain that would break if he touched me. What I got was a lot more…but nowhere close to enough. Once I touched heaven—at least heaven for me—and now I didn’t know how to go back to what Wroth and I had had before. I can’t go back to the life I was living before my short time with Wroth. It would destroy me to stay that close, when I know that I’m not what he really wants. So when my brother asks me to go on tour with him yet again, I decide to jump on that tour bus without a backwards glance. 

Only I wasn’t prepared to be stuck on HIS bus.

Marissa & Wroth

Marissa had a rough childhood. Her mother  died when she was young and she only had her father and half brother Liam. Liam had been sent to live with his aunt and cousin Wroth. Then Marissa's father passed as well before her teen years and she too was sent to live with Wroth. 

The 2 boys were super protective of there "little sister" but Wroth was not really blood related to Marissa. And Marissa loved Wroth with everything she had. Wroth being a bit older than Marissa only had friendship in mind since she was so young.

Marissa fought leukemia at a young age and finally with the help of Liam & Worths band OtherWorld a bone marrow match was found and she had a transplant at the age of 17.

Now that she lived she practically worshiped Wroth. 

Wroth had fought the more than friends and big brother feelings for Marissa for awhile now. Wroth had went into the Marines to help save his families farm in Tennessee.

Now the two were best friends and Wroth's protectiveness of Marissa kept most other guys away. But he has a hard time fighting these feelings for Marissa.

Marissa shows him that she wants more and he has no choice but to give into the feelings. Along the way some information was misleading and Marissa gets her heart broken. Marissa does not stop to find out the facts she just runs for the hills. In this case California.

One year later the 2 are thrown together again and the misleading information is resolved as well as their friendship. Maybe this relationship can be saved. Maybe Wroth is worthy of Marissa's love. Which is good since Wroth can't breathe without her.

The 2 work through their issues and there is a surprize Wizard of Oz scene which I found really fun. Marissa loves the Wizard of Oz so it was a perfect scene for the characters. Terri Anne Browning did another amazing job with this series. I love the ROCKERS.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Happy Reading!