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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Book Review: Catching Lucy (Lucy & Harris) by Terri Anne Browning

Catching Lucy
(Lucy & Harris - Book #1)
by Terri Anne Browning
Kindle Edition, 142 Pages (Novella)
Source: Ebook - Own

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Everyone has ups and downs. I’m no different. I’ve had some really amazing ups, but I’ve also had some crap-tastic downs.

When I was four, my biological mother died. I don’t remember crying for her. She’d never been the type to cuddle me, tuck me in, and read bedtime stories. That job was pushed off onto my sister Lana. She did her best to take care of me until Mom died. After the funeral we went to live with our older sister, Layla and I got to see what a real mother was supposed to be like.

When I was six we moved to Malibu for Layla’s new job as the housekeeper to one of the worlds most popular rock bands and their manager. When my sisters told me that we were going to live with Demons I was definitely not looking forward to it. Then I met Nik, Drake, Shane, Emmie and the man that would one day become one of my favorite people in the world. Jesse Thornton.

By Christmas my oldest sister was married to the Demon’s Wings drummer. Six months later they made me theirs and adopted me. The day I became Jesse’s daughter was one of the best days of my life. I felt like I belonged to someone for the first time in my life.

But you know the rules of fate, or at least the rules it feels like those bitches have specifically for me. Something truly amazing always seems to be followed by something really, really shitty. When I was nine, my real dad was released from prison and tried to take me. I still have nightmares about that night.

I got through it, though. My parents sent me to a good therapist, but it was my best friend Harris who really got me through that time in my life. When I couldn’t sleep I would call him and no matter how tired he was he would stay up and talk to me until I would finally fall into an exhausted sleep. He was the kind of friend that one text and he would drop everything for me.

To bad my hormones got in the way of our friendship. At twelve, puberty hit me hard, and the love I felt for my best friend got complicated with a crush. They’re called crushes for a reason, something I’d learned real quick that year. I pushed him away to avoid the agonizing pain that my crush made me feel.

Now it’s been years since I’ve seen him. He’s graduated from college and moved forward with his dream by opening his first club. First Bass is the most popular nightclub in not just Los Angeles, but all of California. I’m so proud of him, but I’ve avoided going to check it out. After an email that twisted my heart into knots I’m finally going to head over there.

Maybe I won’t still be crushing on him. Maybe we can go back to being best friends.

Lucy & Harris were friends from the moment they met. Best Friends. There 4 year age difference did not really matter. Until Lucy turned 12 and her the love she felt for her best friend became a crush. Lucy was scared of what she was feeling for Harris and started pushing him away. Harris tried to hold unto Lucy, especially since they were thrown together a lot because their families were really tight.

Harris at the age of 21 still wanting Lucy in his life invites her to his NEW CLUB. Lucy knew Harris’s dream was to open a nightclub and now he had achieved that dream. Lucy was unsure if she could be friends with Harris and if her crush would go back to just friendship. But after feeling so happy being friends with Harris again she decided to give it a try.

Harris was only looking for Lucy’s friendship when he invited her to the nightclub but once she was actually with him he realized he was in love with his best friend. Unsure of how she would take the news of this and the potential to lose Lucy because of these feelings he decided to hide them as best he could.

Harris getting feed up seeing all the guys flirting with Lucy and knowing after his blowup at his friend over this girl was a really bad thing he decided to make a move. But he had to wait one more month until Lucy turned 18. Plus there was the scary DEMONS to worry about and Jesse Thornton was going to kill him if he touched his daughter.

Lucy & Harris is a great story between the two childhood friends. They were super close when they were younger and you could feel the love they had for each other as best friends. But you could understand Lucy’s feelings for Harris as her hormones took over and her feelings changed. Seeing Harris date girls his age broke her heart and she could not handle the feelings that she had so she walked away.

Harris never really understood why Lucy pushed him away and you feel bad that one day his best friend was there for him and the next just gone.

Seeing the love blossom as the two reunite was superior writing. I love this relationship and can’t wait to see what happens in Craving Lucy.

Rating: 4 stars

Happy Reading!