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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Book Review: The Accidental Action Star by Emily Evans

The Accidental Action Star
(Accidental - Book #3)
by Emily Evans
Kindle Edition, 155 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

College freshman Hannah dreams of becoming an artist for a major motion picture studio. And, she’s got a shot…if she can get Max Stone to sign a few little forms. 

Max Stone. 

The Max Stone – the studio’s hottest, top-ranked, action star. Dark hair. Golden Eyes. 


Maybe she’ll get to draw him. Maybe she’ll get a date out of this. 

Or, two or three... 

Sure, Max never dates a girl more than twice. And, he doesn’t date nice girls, or co-workers, or crazy artists…and Hannah is all three….but if Max thinks Hannah will take ‘no’ for an answer, he doesn’t know crazy. And the best way to get close to Max is to take a role in his film. 

Meet Hannah – the Accidental Action Star.
Hannah does not want to be a chef like her Mom. She wants to get far away from the FOOD world. Hannah loves art and wants to be an artist. She works on her Mom's cooking show part-time while be an intern for the art department with the studio. The same studio featuring a movie staring Max Stone. Hannah meet Marissa who is now dating Garrett who is friends with Max. Crazy right.

Max has one rule never date a girl twice. So what is Max to do when he finds himself thinking of Hannah after they OFFICIALLY went out on 2 dates.  Well I guess he breaks his rule.

Hannah is determined to get more kisses from Max. She knows she can get him to give into his feelings and break his rules. She just has to play by his rules. She does just that and hopefully she can get the guy and the job.

Hannah sees an opening in the art department to show her work and takes the chance to get her sketches to Max to see if she is right with what Max envisions for his characters in a new upcoming animated movie. Max is impressed even though he does not know if is Hannah's drawings.

Hannah and Max work on the rules of a relationship and decide to just go with the flow and throw out the rules.

Rating: 3 STARS

Happy Reading!