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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Amalfi Coast by Maggie Way

Amalfi Coast
(Entangle Me - Book #2)
by Maggie Way
Kindle Edition, 156 Pages
Source: Ebook - Amazon Prime Loan

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Fact: there are some universal truths that can’t be ignored.
Chocolate is the only thing that is good and pure in this world.
Panzanella is heaven on a plate.
Men are cheating scumbags.

And then there is the truth I’m trying desperately to ignore: that I kissed my brother’s best friend. And the fact that I want to do it again and again and again.

After being betrayed in the worst possible way right before her wedding day, Lacey Ryan gets the opportunity of a lifetime - plan her old friend Amelia Smith's big wedding day. For Lacey, who was supposed to be on her honeymoon this is a bittersweet moment.
Fortunately she is teamed by her outrageously fabulous assistant Gabe Sasse, who is never short of a zany quip or two.
Lacey, always the strict professional, is here to do what she does best - plan weddings.
But when sexy photographer Matteo Di Lorenzi comes her way and offers a chance to escape from reality, what will she do?

Explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast in this sexy and exciting second installment of That Wedding Girl!

WARNING: Intended for 18+ Audiences due to language and sexual content. Each book must be read before the next and each book ends on a cliffhanger.

Cute second part of the story.  

Lacey likes Tristan and Tristan likes Lacey but Tristan tells her that they need to be just friends.

Lacey and Gabe go to London to work on a destination wedding for Lacey's old friend that now lives in London. While in London she meets Matteo Di Lorenzi the wedding photographer. Matteo is very handsome, flirtatious, and interested in Lacey. But Lacey continues to think of Tristan. 

Things with Matteo take a turn for HOT-N-STEAMY but Lacey has to put on the brakes since her mind is thinking of another.

Gabe meets a nice guy and stays a little longer in London after the wedding. Lacey heads back home and runs into Tristan who informs her that they are working together on the next project and it is another destination wedding. 

These books are cute but to be fair they are a bit PG rated. So if you are looking for Erotica this is not the book for you. If you are looking for Romance with a bit of a twist of suspense then this maybe the series for you.

Happy Reading!