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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Book Review: Entangled by Terri Anne Browning

(Angel's Halo MC - Book #2)
by Terri Anne Browning
Kindle Edition, 196 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

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He was the MC’s enforcer. The man to dole out punishments within the club. Men feared him, and so the peace was kept. For the most part. But Spider isn’t at peace with himself. There is only one thing in life he wants, and she just stormed back into his life…


The moment I saw him, I belonged to Spider Masterson. Now, four years later, I still can’t help but want to belong to him. Even after all the pain he has put me through, I couldn’t keep my distance.


There have been two females in my life that have ever made me feel anything. One was my best friend. The other owned my soul. She’d tattooed her name on my heart the second she had smiled at me for the first time. But the past stands in our way. I know I need to explain that night to her, but once I have her back in my bed, I can’t think about anything but making her mine.
Book #2 is mostly about Willa & Spiders story. We learn about what happened between them in the past and get to see the progression of events that lead up-to current day.

Spider loves Willa and you as a reader can feel that through Terri Anne Browning's writing. You feel Willa's turmoil over still loving Spider even after she thought he cheated on her. We get to see a little more of Tasha's history and how much of a horrible person she really was.

We see Raven & Bash work through some issues and come to a mutual understanding. We see a hint of what is going on with Flick and how Jet would do anything for her because of his love.

Rating: 3 stars