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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Book Review: Accidental Movie Star by Emily Evans

The Accidental Movie Star
(Accidental - Book #1)
by Emily Evans
Kindle Edition, 258 Pages
ASIN: B00883C2TS
Source: Ebook - Own

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How did Ashley spend her summer vacation? Imagine the hottest guy in Hollywood. Do you see the girl next to him, the one handing him a cup of coffee? Yeah. That’s her.

Interning on a major motion picture is not all bad. She gets to watch some of the scenes and even offer her opinion. “That kiss looked lame. Laughably weak. There’s no chance at an MTV award with that kiss.” LOL.

Until the director says, “Hey, Intern. Yeah, you. Ashley. You’re right. So, teach Caspian how to kiss. Oh, and get in front of the camera. We're going to need you in this next shot."

Ashley & Caz

Ashley wants to be an architect but she needs some extra credit for her college transcripts. Her dad arranged for her to work with an architect on a movie set over the summer as an intern.

Caz is a movie star. He has been acting since the age of 14.

After Ashley overhears a conspiracy to make Caz a dad without his knowledge she gives Caz a gift. Ashley does not tell Caz what she overheard but Caz is now smitten with the intern.

After a bumpy internship and a bumpier friendship with the movie star the two characters find themselves at different sides to a story.

Caz believes what he has heard about Ashley even though Ashley denies her involvement. Ashley does not even know how to explain it because she has no clue what has happened. So the two part ways.

Caz finds out more of the truth to the event and asks Ashley to forgive him and to move forward with a relationship.

The book begins before college and ends while Ashley is in college. There is not a whole lot that happens in the hot and steamy area it is pretty PG13. I find that the scenes are a bit choppy getting from one event/place to another. Sometimes I was a bit lost and had to re-read the transition. All in all it was a cute story and I got used to the transitions as the book went on.

Rating: 2 Stars

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