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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Review: The Accidental TV Star by Emily Evans

The Accidental TV Star
(Accidental - Book #2)
by Emily Evans
Kindle Edition, 140 Pages
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Marissa, a recent high school graduate and amateur chef, loves cooking, the culinary reality show Scoop Out, and hot Scottish movie star Garrett Campbell. Despite her big dreams, her feet are firmly planted on the non-slip, rubber floor mat behind the counter of the Texas Fry Hut.
-- until Marissa receives a wild job offer.


Marissa & Garrett

Garratt is a movie star. Marissa has Garrett's poster in her room.

Garrett is Scottish and likes to wear a kilt. Marissa also has Garrett's picture as her cellphone screen saver.

Garrett likes to eat. Marissa is an up-in-coming chef who loves to cook & had Garrett's picture in her locker in high school.

Garrett is BFF with Caz who is dating Ashley who is Marissa's BFF. Confused, don't be. Actually this is a cute and sweet story.

Marissa's future plans are to continue to work hard at the Fry Hut during the summer to earn enough money for her college tuition in Texas. Ashley arranged for her to visit Caz and her in California for a week over the summer & has a possible job for her to stay the entire summer. Marissa holds tight to her plans until the Fry Hut manager derails them and she accepts the job in California. She will be cooking for her MOVIE CRUSH, Garrett.

Garrett owes Caz a favor for spilling the information about his family situation to a reporter. Garrett was talking to a friend, perhaps girlfriend and the info went public. Garrett hears that Ashley wants her friend Marissa to stay the entire summer but she needs a job so Garrett makes one up for her. 

Upon Marissa's arrival Garrett explains this information to her and she doesn't care because she is determined to be Garrett's personal chef. After eating Marissa's tasty food Garrett finds out he likes having a personal chef and he really likes Marissa.

Ashley's dad sets up Marissa with a cooking class and it has some interesting positive consequences, landing her as a cooking contestant on SCOOPED OUT. A cooking competition reality show.

As time progresses so does Garrett's feelings for Marissa. But Marissa is reluctant being that Garrett is her boss and anything they might start would have to end at the end of the summer. Marissa gives in a bit on her feelings for Garrett and they become good friends.

After the finale of Scooped Out and a winner is chosen, Marissa's wishes to move California and continue a relationship with Garrett while attending college gets snubbed out.

But the studio has some information for Marissa that could change her future forever. The question is will Marissa take a chance on her future and pick the safe path or will she gamble and maybe get everything she wants.

I liked the slowness of the formation of Garrett's and Marissa's relationship. I like how they became friends through her time with Garrett before any romance really started. This is not a HOT & STEAMY romance it is clearly PG13 just as The Accidental Movie Star (Book #1) was.

Rating: 2 1/2 Stars

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