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Monday, May 2, 2016

Stepbrother Alpha's Baby Boxed Set by Lauren Landish

Stepbrother Alpha's Baby
(Books 1 - 4)
by Lauren Landish
Kindle Edition, 390 Pages
Source: Amazon Prime Loan

25923081The complete Stepbrother Alpha's Baby series!

I’ve always had a crush on my ridiculously handsome stepbrother Stefan. For years, he’s always been there, at my side. We’ve played together, laughed together and even cried together. But then our relationship turned really weird. 

Anytime he was near, I found myself filled with sinful thoughts, and when he touched me, it felt like I would burst into flames. Soon, just being in his presence became too much to bear. I started avoiding him at all costs, and when I did encounter Stefan, I would act like a cold-hearted bitch to him so he would never suspect my true feelings. 

But sometimes, the things you hide have a way of coming to light...when you least expect them.

Stefan & Bella

Stefan & Bella were about 4 when their parents were married. Essentially growing up together. The problem is both had very strong romantic feelings towards the other.

Stefan tried to bury these feelings in tons of girls while Bella treated Stefan like crap and kept him at a distance. They knew that it would be frowned upon if they acted on these feelings.


While away at college some things got out of control and Bella & Stefan end up having sex without knowing they were with each other.

Once things got this far out of hand the other students started harassing Stefan and Bella. Despite it being TABOO to be together in this manner Stefan and Bella loved each other.

They escape back home to hide their terrible secret from their parents which did not work well at all. Once the secret was out all hell breaks loose. With Stefan trying to figure out a job or school and Bella feeling really insecure the story gets super out of control.

Here is my take on this story….. First of all Bella with her size 2 thing just about drove me crazy. Enough already you’re a size 2 congrats. SHUT UP. Secondly, even though they grew-up together they are not BLOOD RELATED so really get over it. It’s not that bad. Third, I would have so told on those Frat houses for getting me into the mess in the first place. I would not care if everyone knew because if I was not ashamed then it would not matter. But the story was a lot of feeling ashamed for the 2 sleeping together but it was an accident ….. if you are ashamed then stop SLEEPING together on purpose. I had no issues with the 2 being a couple. Bella’s character was too whiny and Stefan was to conceded.

Rating 2 STARS

Happy Reading!