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Friday, May 27, 2016

Book Review: Moto Boy (X-Treme Boys) by Kay Manis

Moto Boy/X-Treme Sacrifice
(X-Treme Boys/X-Treme Love - Book #3)
by Kay Manis
Kindle Edition,  288 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

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** The biggest risks aren’t on the track, but in your heart **

Welcome back Dana Di Grazio. You fell in love with her in SKATER BOY. Now it’s time to tell her story.

Dana Di Grazio is fearless and feisty, but struggling to find her purpose in life. Hiding behind a hardened exterior, she’s erected walls to protect herself from the devastating losses of her past. When thrust into the role of caretaker for pro motocross rider, Peter Fontenot, her fortitude is threatened and she fears he might be the one man to finally break down her walls.

When an unexpected accident forces X Games champion, Peter Fontenot to rely on a foul-mouthed, Italian spitfire, he’s surprised to find himself drawn to someone so crass and ill-suited. Suddenly, Peter must rethink the expectations of his well-planned life. Dana is the one thing he doesn’t want, but she may be the only thing he can’t live without.

Can the spark between two opposites create a lasting fire? Or will it detonate an explosion that leaves them both alone...forever.

NOTE: MOTO BOY is not a standalone book. Dana and Peter’s story concludes in MY MOTO BOY, Book 4 in the X-Treme Boys Series, available now. This book contains adult material and is not suitable for readers under 18.

While not necessary, it is suggested you read SKATER BOY and MY SKATER BOY first (Books 1 & 2 in the series) in order to meet Dana.


Dana & Peter

Dana is a tell it like it is girl with a large wall surrounding her heart and secrets. Dana & Peter like each other but are very different. Peter is from a Mormon family and does not do the sex without a relationship. Dana is a one-night-stand kind of gal not liking the get to know them or more the tell him about yourself so you can be hurt part of the relationship. Peter does not curse, Dana curses all the time. Peter does not like tattoos. Dana has tattoos. These two were an unlikely match but they seem to be attracted to one another. They seem to be soul mates.

The question is can Peter except Dana for everything she is hiding and protecting? And can Dana except Peter’s inexperience and Mormon upbringing?

In part 1 we learn all of Dana’s secrets and we find out that her Dealership (Father’s dealership) is in some financial trouble. You will suspect Andrea (Her cousin) is behind the problem. There is no solution in part 1 to any of the issues surrounding the Dealership. We learn about Dana’s college boyfriend Aaron that broke her heart and why she is so guarded to open up to people. We learn about Peter’s family and the reason he is not part of that life anymore.

This book is part 1 so there is a Cliffhanger and you will need to jump into Part 2 to answer many of these questions.

**Please note there are many different cover designs and the name of this book as well as the series was renamed.**

Rating: 2 1/2 Stars

Happy Reading!