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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Book Review: Grind Series by Claire Adams

by Claire Adams
Kindle Edition, 298 Pages
Source: Kindle Unlimited Loan

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29474383My name is Mia and I'm a psychology student with a deep-seated love of skateboarding. Partial to the amateur scene, I take a friend to a local competition to see my heart throb, Mike Onomato, skate. When a new competitor steals the show, though, I find myself captivated. That is, until he sits behind me in the first class of the semester. FML.

My name is Ian and I'm young, brash, and tattooed. An upstart in the skating community, I'm driven to a level beyond that of any other amateur on the scene. Being a skater isn’t what my lawyer father had in mind for my future, though. Now, a pre-law student at the local university, I'm stepping up his game, not only for my own liberation, but for the sake of the first woman I ever loved. When I'm forced to work together on a school project with Mia, the only thing I can think about is how much I want to Grind her.

Unfortunately she isn't that easy...

Ian is a skater. Mia is a fan of skateboarding. Mia tries to go to all the skateboarding events. 

Mia meets Ian at one of the competitions but does not realize that Ian is a skater. Once Ian takes the course Mia is impressed.

Mia and Ian have a class together and get assigned as partners for a paper.

Abby is Mia’s best friend even though they are not sure why they are friends. Abby tries to get with Ian. (Sounds like a girl I knew once, that did not end well.) 

Rob is Ian’s best friend and they have a very strange friendship as most males do. They can beat the crap out of each other then all is forgiven.

Mia’s dad is very overbearing/overprotective. I actually really dislike him. But not as much as I dislike Ian’s dad. Neither father is happy about the two hanging out together.

Once they start a relationship things are rocky but it all has to work out in the end for our HEA.

There is some mildly steamy parts but I would say PG17. Mildly entertaining.

Rating: 2 Stars

Happy Reading!