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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Book Review: Chronicles of Whimsy: Reborn (Book #3)

(Chronicles of Whimsy - Book #3)
by T. Edwin Perry
Kindle Edition, 786 Pages
Source: Paperback - Own

Goodreads | Amazon/Kindle

Exiled by the Fae and rejected by the Broken, Whimsy has spent the last year trapped alone in Everwynn, struggling to survive in a world where nearly everything is trying to kill her. Meanwhile, visions of Josiah's plans to seize control of this magical world and punish her for standing against him haunt her dreams, but when a stranger arrives with an offer that may help her defeat the Dragon once and for all, Whimsy finds herself on her most dangerous quest yet to find her missing friends in the Elflands before Josiah can use them against her.

With more action, romance, and magic than ever before, the Epic Adventure Ends with a Vengeance in REBORN, the final installment of the Chronicles of Whimsy trilogy!

We left off with Whimsy exiled by the Fae and the Broken don't want anything to do with her either.

Whimsy has been alone for a year and struggles everyday in a strange land where everything and almost everyone wants her dead. Whimsy is haunted by Josiah's plan to destroy the WORLD and has to come up with a plan to stop him. But what can you do to protect a world who no longer wants you to be part of it.

Hope is offered to Whimsy and she must find her missing friends and reunite them in order to succeed and take out Josiah once and for all. 

Questions that lie ahead:
1. Will her friends still be her friends?
2. Are they willing to help her defeat Josiah and save Everwynn?
3. Is her magic strong enough to conquer a DRAGON?
4. Can she trust the stranger that offers hope?
5. Will she ever find her way back HOME? 
6. Where is Whimsy's HOME, with her father or in Everwynn?
7. Can she find her friends and Trager?
8. Will Trager still love her after all that has happened?

All of these questions are answered in this amazing 3rd and final installment of Chronicles of Whimsy.

Amazing adventure that had me on the edge. I love action in books and this did not disappoint. Lots of action and magic, even a little bit of romance.

If you like fantasy this is the series for you. It has dragons, wizards, fae, trolls, elves. Definitely a must read.

Rating: 5 STARS

Happy Reading!

If you have not read the first book in this series check it out now. This adventure is perfect for people of all ages. 

20750752Birthright (Book #1)

 Goodreads | Amazon/Kindle 

Compared to her friends, Whimsy Lafayette had never been exactly “normal,” but nothing in her life could have prepared her for the challenges that she was about to face. It was the first day of her senior year and her seventeenth birthday, so to mark the occasion, her father gave her two very special gifts: the crystal pendant bearing an eight-pointed star, a family heirloom that was all that remains of his own childhood, and the promise that he would finally reveal to her the secrets of his mysterious past. But before he has the chance to fulfill that promise, Whimsy is magically transported to the fantastic world of Everwynn, a place filled with amazing surprises and terrible dangers. She is surrounded by the wondrous creatures of her father's bedtime stories: powerful Fae, cunning Wizards, mischievous Dragons and warring Elves, but she quickly discovers that this is no Fairy Tale, and the dangers confronting her are very real. Now, Whimsy must learn how to survive in this strange new world and discover how she is connected to it while struggling to find her way home.

The Chronicles of Whimsy Adventure begins with BIRTHRIGHT , but it continues at www.ChroniclesofWhimsy.com Check in often for extras and downloads that you won't find anywhere else, including the exclusive short story series, The Tales of Everwynn

Broken (Book #2)

Whimsy has found her way back from Everwynn, but nothing is the way that she left it. With her home destroyed by the Dragon's fire, Whimsy has lost everything but her memories, and those memories are tearing her apart. Not only is she haunted by the events of her time in Everwynn, but she is also having visions, reliving the horrific memories that she absorbed when Josiah destroyed the Well of Soul. Worst of all is the discovery that Josiah is still alive, trapped within the prison of her own mind because she used a magic that she didn't fully understand in order to defeat him. Now, her only hope of freeing herself from these problems is to return to the place where it all began and seek out the help of the friends she left behind. Will Whimsy find the help she is looking for, or will she remain BROKEN forever? The Epic Adventure Continues with BROKEN, the Second Installment in the Chronicles of Whimsy Trilogy!

Chronicles of Whimsy Site

Please visit The Chronicles of Whimsy for more information on the author or links to purchase your copy today. Available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Papercopy.

If you just can't get enough of Everwynn, want a sample or to check out some FREE short stories visit The Chronicles of Whimsy Site.

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Book Review: Sweet Talk by SL Scott

Sweet Talk
by SL Scott
Kindle Edition, 341 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

Goodreads | Amazon/Kindle

Librarian's Note: This is a retitled edition of ASIN B01DT9ZWVA — Models on Top - Danny

From the New York Times Bestselling Author that brought you The Resistance comes this sexy romantic comedy standalone.

Everything you’ve heard about modeling is true, and you haven’t heard the half of it.

It’s glamorous.

It’s sexy.

And yes, the line between work and reality often blurs.

We’re not just prototypes of perfection. Models have feelings and desires, too. We may be genetically gifted, but we’re still human.

I’m only human. Yes, an extraordinary specimen that earns more in a day than most make in a year, but this eight pack didn’t create itself. I spend hours working on this body. The good looks just come natural. *Winks* Thanks, Mom and Dad.

I’m Danny Weston, Supermodel.

But one path was traded for another when I chose this career. Ten years later, I would trade my career to have it back. To have her back.

Reese Carmichael is the one woman I would give it all up for, and the only one I can’t have. Yet
Danny Weston is a successful "supermodel". 

Reese Carmichael is a successful advertising agent.

They dated in college and were madly in love, addicted to one another. Then Reese fled thinking Danny was to in love with being a model. Reese felt to alone and detached from Danny. But the night she left Danny was going to ask her to marry him. Give up modeling if that is what they needed to be together. Danny never got the chance.

Now, 10 years later.... The distance and time apart can not change the chemistry these 2 people have. They are volcanic when together. You feel their love, sexual tension, their desire for one another. Reese regrets walking away and Danny regrets letting her go.

Reese and Danny are amazing together. I want to know more about the neighbor Holli and her boyfriend Dalton. I think we need more background content there. I found Holli interesting and refreshing. I love that Reese is not threatened by Holli and Danny's friendship. I wish that Keaton had gotten screwed a little more in the end but I liked this storyline and the ending was perfect. HEA... of course.

**Please note that Sweet Talk is included with Dirty Talk. There is no separate book to purchase on Amazon/Kindle that I could find.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Happy Reading!