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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Book Review: Repented by Sophie Monroe

(Battlescars - Book #4)
by Sphie Monroe
Kindle Edition, 371 Pages
Source: Ebook - Own

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Repented is the fourth book in the bestselling Battlescars series. Repented picks up where Conflicted ended, and will lead into Cracked: A Guilty Tendencies Novel, but is NOT a cliffhanger!

When everything in your life becomes Conflicted, and you're left with more than your fair share of Battlescars, you may become Afflicted. But, in order to rise above the chaos, it's best to be Repented.

Kevin, the lead guitarist of Battlescars, hasn't always been the good guy people perceive him as.

When secrets from his past come out of the shadows and haunt him, his world comes crashing down. Can he be repented, or will his old ways scratch the surfaces and ruin everything?

This is Kevin’s story in book 3 Kevin’s wedding never happened and Bryn walked away. That was actually a really good thing for Kevin. Bryn was not meant to be with Kevin. Kevin slips a little with the sobriety but manages to pull himself up before he is in to deep.

Kevin picks up the tour bus for Jake and side swipes a girl named Bri. This author has a major issue with B names…. Brett, Bri, Bryn, Britt… to many for me to keep straight. Anyway Bri moves to Smithville in with her cousin Madison.

Kevin has a chance meeting with Madison and thinks he will never see the beauty again but he does and he thinks maybe this is fate.

My thoughts: 1st - Kevin cannot do (a little) cocaine and not have to go back to rehab. That sounds wrong to me. 2nd - Kevin’s parents are described as HIPPIES that are Free Spirited but they own a huge house and there is a Lambo in the driveway. NO… Hippies do not own huge houses or Lambo’s. I agree it makes sense that they own holistic and more NATURAL spas but I would never say they are hippies. I know hippies they are more, give all the money away to charity and I can live as a minimalist. I feel most of this is to unrealistic for me to really be in the moment with this story. Which is disappointing because I loved the others.

I also wish there was more background on Bri since some of the story was about Austin and Bri’s relationship. I wanted more on that story.

And what the heck happened to poor sweet Brittney. She was in book 3 got a job with the band as marketing and was never heard from again. Then we have the 3rd romance in the book with Peyton & Zach. All we see of Peyton is she is whinny and annoying and Zach is a horn dog who wants the rock star lifestyle with a chick waiting at home for him.

Rating: 2 Stars

I am hoping if there is a book 5 in the series that it will be a little better for me. This is a good series and don’t get me wrong most of the books are good.